We tend to keep ourself warm with blankets during the cold nights, what about your dog? We know they are a cute little fur ball, though it can give them an extra layer of protection but that doesn’t keep them warm enough. They also get cold same as you. They are part of our family and we need to take extra care, make sure they are getting enough warmth. Your furry pet deserves to be as comfortable as you, and the heated dog beds are the best example to do so! It is most useful during the winter season. With heated beds your puppy can stay cozy and warm in cold atmosphere.

Why Heated Pet Beds are Useful?

Heated pet beds don’t only keep your pets warm but it also puts your pet at ease during the winter months. They are also great year-round for aged dogs and cats suffering from arthritis, as well as any animal suffering from joint discomfort or recovering from illness or injury. They’re also ideal for nursing moms and their new born pups and kittens.

Why Do I Need an Outdoor Heated Dog Bed?

When your dog likes to stay out more than getting an outdoor heated bed makes complete sense. You dog can lay on heated bed gazing at others passing buy instead of sitting in cold on grass getting themself dirty, sometimes with uneven ground it can be very uncomfortable for them to sit while being relaxed. In winters it can keep them warm, whereas in summers the ground can be very hot for them to sit on. Heated beds for outdoors can help them relax and calm them as well.

Is Outdoor Heated Dog Bed Safe?

Absolutely! Heated pet beds are considerably saferoption than hot water bottles, which some pet parents use to keep their pet’s warm. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that a hot water bottle can rupture and cause burns, or that it will overheat. But with a heated bed, you won’t have to worry about all of that, and you’ll be able to sleep well knowing your pet is safe.

Factors to consider before buying outdoor heated dog bed:

Buying outdoor heated dog bed is difficult and if you are a beginner, you might not even know where to start. Indoor and Outdoor heated bed consist of different features. It is not that simple to choose from so many options that you get now a days. We will give you the list of best heated beds for you to buy but before that you need to consider some of the factor. There are a few points that you need to keep in mind before rushing to buy a bed for outdoor purposes.

  • Size and activity level of your dog.

You must ensure that your dog can totally stretch out when laying on the bed. Your dog will most likely be unable to sleep comfortably if it is too tiny. A too-large bed, on the other hand, may not give adequate heat, particularly if you choose a self-warming bed. When your dog is sleeping, try to estimate how much room he takes up so you can get an idea of what size to buy.

  • Materials.

Nobody wants to buy a dog bed made of low-quality materials. However, it is even more vital to avoid poorly constructed heated beds since they might pose a safety threat if they fail. Look for a heated bed that is built of a strong material that can handle heat. It should also be able to manage your dog’s level of activity. We propose PVC or fleece bedding since they are more durable than cotton.

  • Durability.

It is also important to examine your dog’s comfort level, since these goods should not only keep your dog warm, but they should also be safe for your dog. The most common style of outdoor heated dog bed is composed of tough PVC and has a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped wire to keep the heater safe. Its low-wattage heater means it will have less of an influence on your power cost, making it a smart investment.

  • Electric and Safety.

There are two basic options for heating dog beds: electric and self-warming. Before electric heated beds can warm up, they must be connected into an outlet. Self-warming heated beds, on the other hand, absorb and radiate your pet’s body heat. It is totally up to you to select the heating element. However, if you pick an electric heated bed, you need think about the safety aspects. The cord should be chew-proof. This is crucial if you intend to use it as an outdoor bed. A steel-wrapped rope will keep it safe from the elements and animals. You should also check to see if the material is fire resistant. Furthermore, the cover should be waterproof to keep moisture away from the heating element.

  • Budgeting.

Budgeting is also a vital role in buying anything even when you are buying things for your pet. After analysing and considering all the factors that you want for heated dog bed, pricing section comes in. As per your needs make sure that you make a budget before you go out to buy. Make sure that the products that you are buying are worth your money. Compare the pricing of the products with other brands who are selling the products having same features.


An outdoor heated bed is a fantastic addition to your landscape if you have puppies or a non-destructive type of dog or any other pet. Getting a perfect heated bed for your dog can be overwhelming, plus with so many options you don’t exactly know where to begin from. Worry not folks! We have managed to compile top 5 outdoor heated dog beds for you keeping in mind of all the factors listed above. Below are the top 6 heated dog bed with its specifications.


The K&H Pet Products Thermo- Tent is suitable for use in garage, porch, barn, shed or any other outdoors. It contributes to providing dogs and cats with much-needed shelter and comfort from the weather. It has an orthopaedic- themed heating bed detachable, cushioned heated floor as well as a removable and machine washable fleece cover. This heated outdoor shelter gives dogs and cats with additional protection and comfort from the outdoor weathers. The bed is simple to put together, and no tools are necessary. This is an all-season pet tent and no tools are required for assembly.

It comes in 2 sizes small (14*18*12.5) and medium (19*24*16). Product weight is up to 1.96 pounds. Includes 20- watt heated floor with removable machine wash covers. This product also includes a special feature where the bed only gets warm if the pet is sitting inside of it.


The channelled liner in the thick cushioned inside keeps the Poly-fill filling in place. This implies that it will keep its form no matter how many times it is lifted up and moved about for your pet’s comfort. Excellent for traveling or being on the run. UV-treated, fade-resistant polyester with a water-resistant treatment wick away moisture for extended wear. This dog bed will keep your dog comfortable. It has extra padding that provides superior comfort and support. It is durable and chew resistant. With its long-lasting materials and high-quality construction, this bed is meant to last. Polyester is a long-lasting, chew-resistant material that can endure dogs of all sizes and ages, machine wash. It is 40 L*30 W *4 H inches – suitable for medium to large dogs weighing less than 80 pounds.


Use this one-of-a-kind heated dog pad to keep your special pet comfortable in even the coldest weather, whether outside or indoors. The heated pad adapts to temperature fluctuations automatically, warming to your pet’s regular body temperature. It is suitable for sheds, garages, barns, or any covered space where your outdoor dogs hang out. When your pet is not on the pad, the K&H heated bed may not feel warm to the touch. It is water resistant.

This long-lasting heated pad is made of strong ABS plastic and has a 5.5-foot steel-wrapped cable. Drill holes through the outer lip of the Lectro-Kennel and fasten it to the floor or the wall for extra security. Indoor/outdoor usage only with 110/ 120- volt electrical electricity. This product dimension is 22.5*28.5*0.5 and weighs 6.85 pounds.

4. BarkBox Outdoor Waterproof Dog or Cat Platform Bed with Removable Cover – All Weather Pet Bed with Cooling Foam Layer & Memory Foam for Orthopaedic Joint Relief

The BarkBox x-large platform dog bed is 41*29*4 and comfortably fits breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, and other similarly sized dogs weighing up to 120 lbs. Therapeutic memory foam gel relieves body aches, joint problems, and hip dysplasia in your dog. The waterproof cover makes clean up a breeze. Simply wipe off or rinse gently before wiping dry. This bed features a waterproof zipper and is made with reinforced stitching to prevent seeps and leaks in any weather condition. The sturdy 600D Oxford Fabric is used to make the Outdoor Mattress Bed – BarkBox platform mattress bed. Allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and do not keep it outside for lengthy periods of time as it may lose its integrity.

5. K&H Pet Products Deluxe Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed with Bolster

This heated outdoor dog bed contains a bolster on all four sides for maximum comfort. The outdoor heated dog bed with bolster has a soft orthopaedic foam base and a complimentary soft washable fleece cover. Ideal for sheds, garages, barns, or any other covered location where your outdoor dogs hang out. All three sizes are suitable for dogs or many cats. Small: 19.5*23 (20W); Medium: 26.5*30.5 (40W); Large: 34.5*44.5 (60W). Indoor/outdoor usage only with 110/120-volt electrical power. MET Labs evaluated and verified the electric dog bed, which satisfies USA/CA electrical safety requirements. It only works when your pet is sitting inside of the heated bed. If you want to test it out you can place a pillow for 20 minutes and see if the pillow gets warm or not.

6. AMOFY Pet Mats, 43″X26″, Exceptionally Hygienic, Non-Slip, Water Resistant, Comfortable and Portable, Machine Washable, Fit Indoor Outdoor Use for Dogs Cat Pet, Four Seasons

AMOFY dog pet mat is constructed of soft polyester material with beautiful stitching. It is made of a pleasant fabric and is ideal for all seasons. It is scratch and claw resistant material but it is not intended for heavy chewers. The front side is waterproof and washable fabric, which has an extraordinarily hygienic treatment and provides healthy protection for your pet. Pet urine is kept off of wood floors, couches, and other furnishings. On the reverse side, anti-slip fabric is utilized to keep the pet mat from slipping or sliding.

The dimensions are 43*26 and may be folded and kept in the drawstring bag, which can be simply cinched and released. The drawstring bag is lightweight and may be carried by hand or as a single shoulder pack. Full water- resistant pet bedding is machine or hand washable. Small stains can be easily removed with a moist cloth or sprayed with a hose.

Can I Use indoor Heated Dog Bed for Outdoors?

Indoor dog beds are often not water-resistant and are made of thick plush fabric that absorbs moisture and odours. If you are planning to use heated bed for outdoor purposes than you need to keep in mind about the elements, such as summer rainstorms and heat, as well as naps my dog took after rolling about in the dirt or running through sprinklers. Indoor heated dog bed isn’t reliable for outdoor purpose considering these elements. Water resistant is the most important factor for outdoor purposes and most of the indoor heated beds aren’t water resistant. The majority of high-quality outdoor dog beds include removable, machine-washable covers for easy cleaning. So, it’s for the best to buy heated dog bed which is made specially for outdoor purposes.

Purchasing a dog bed is a decision that should be considered in the same way that we would consider our options for our own beds and furnishings. If your dog is going to spend a significant amount of time resting and lounging on it, the investment must be worthwhile. Make sure to buy the heated dog bed for outdoors as per your dogs need.

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